These are the 2 assumptions made on Carry’s “Yalgaar-Humari kahani”

How many of you were sad when carry minati’s aka Ajay Nager youtube video “Tiktok vs Youtube-The end” was taken down. Worse than breakup, right? But for his fans,Yesterday he uploaded a trailor of his upcoming Video named “Yalgaar-Humari kahani”, which became viral within hours and shook the whole social media platform. Come & find what is his new video upto? 

Carry Minati youtube sensation posted a roasted video on 8th may, 2020 “youtube vs Tiktok-The End”, which made big records in the history of youtube Industry. The video got more than 10 million likes & had over 70 million views.

Yalgaar-Humari kahani

In this video, he roasted Tik-Tokers. For this video, people got crazy. Ajay Nagar wons every social media nowadays. It was the verse of becoming highest likes non- musical video of youtube.

But later on 14 may, 2020 the viral video has been deleted from Youtube for hassassment & offensvie content.

Yalgaar-Humari kahani

This made people very down. But yesterday youtube fame came up with a video teasure with title “Yalgaar…coming soon.” which is a short film of his upcoming video “Yalgaar”- Humari Kahani.

Yalgaar meaning in Urdu– “To attack” & seems like he is going to do something big.

What are the 2 assumptions made on  “Yalgaar-Humari kahani”?

Video consists of snippets from different social media platforms like twitter, Instagram etc.

People are assuming that

▪︎He will make roast videos again on Tik-Tokers.

▪︎ Some are assuming that carry will show some of the achievements he has got with his videos.

The video will also focus on his fans & the splendid support he has got from all over the country

After this trailer, carry minati is trending in youtube at rank 1.Yesterday he was trending on twitter with hashtag #carryrminatiroast He already got 3.5 million likes & 14 million views with 24 hours.

This video gave a sense of fighting back spirit of this young enegetic & famous youtuber.

So, Are you excited for his video? what are your opinions about this? What do you think what is this Yalgaar-Humari kahani about? You can share with me in comment section.

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