6 Reasons Behind Shehnaaz Gill’s Immense Fan Following

6 Reasons behind Shehnaaz gill’s immense Fan Following

Shehnaj Gill carries huge fan following because of her following qualities:


Shehnaaz gill's immense fan following

Never underestimate Shehnaz Gill’s talent. She is a singer, actor, model and dancer.Part of her innocent looks are real but she knows well that her huge fan following is due to this naive look. She makes it a point not to deviate away from this appearance.


she seems to be a true and genuine person. Though she could not hide her desire to win the trophy(Big Boss) yet she maintained till her exclusion and after, that she wanted Siddharth from the core of her heart to win it in case of her exclusion.

3) A real Fun-Jabi –

She’s a great entertainer because she can flip ( I believe she flipped for some variety during her stay and that’s quite OK) she can talk to crows and sing and dance whenever she likes – a real happy-go-lucky person. She makes a comeback like no one and her witty one-liners will make you burst into bouts of laughter. Shehnaz once tried to poke Rashami and Sidharth’s nok-jhok equation by suggesting – ‘Tum log yehi pe shaadi kyun nahi kar lete’.

4) Hard and soft :

At times in bigboss house 13  she showed her inner strength and stayed aside even Siddharth and Ashim on some matters. Many a time she supported Vikas and others when none sided with them.

5) Kick-Ass Attitude:

She does whatever she wants. Her ‘don’t care’ attitude is what the masses like the most.

6) Unconditional Love for Her fans:

In an Interview, she said,” If someone wants to target, target her not her fans. She added that she feels bad when someone targets and abuse her fans. This statement made her fans emotional.

Shehnaz is loved by her fans and they have at times gone out of the way to show their love and support for her. The latest we hear is that one of the fans has done something unimaginable which only goes on to prove their love for her. Shehnaz’s fan brought a star on the Actress’ name.

Shehnaz posted the same on her social media. She even mentioned that her fans have brought her a Star and she hopes that they also buy Moon and Sun for her.

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