7 Best Easy Mood Boosting Activities To Lift Your Mood – Last One You Should Not Miss


“THERE  ARE SOME DAYS WHEN YOU ARE NOT OK & THAT’S OK” ! Yes it’s ok, if you don’t feel good someday. It’s ok if you don’t not want to talk anyone. It’s ok if you do not want to be surrounded by people & It’s ok if you want to punch everybody around you. Of course ! it’s ok. It’s totally fine. We all have witnessed this & it’s not a big deal. These are the days when you need self care & love. Let’s discuss about this. Today we’ll offer you little mood booster activities which actually uplift your mood  & helps you find happiness around you. Are you ready ? Ok, Let’s go !

Mood booster

Mood is like a circus wheel, it keeps changing. Sometimes the thing which makes us happy starts irritating you when bad mood hits us. Aah, We humans! We are quite strange & answerable. Sometimes, minute things can affect our mood very badly & then what we decide to do – to make a plum like face. But let’s do change this time.

Here are 7 Best Scientifically Proved Simple Mood Booster Activities, you should atleast give a chance.


1. Listen To Some Good Or Favourite Song :

Music is actually a stress-booster & mood curing. Studies have shown that music can fix your mood very quicky.

Mood booster

According to Adam Sankwoski a music therapist , Music is the easiest way to manage not only our feelings but it also affects our functions. It lowers level of stress related hormones like cortisol & Ease pain.

Most important thing when you are selecting song to listen, instead of choosing a song which matches your mood , select a song that matches the mood you want to be in.

( Listen to music alone & in dark room. I personally love it, you should try it too.)

2.  Watching Stars :

The unbearable beauty of sky – Stars. When you mood is down, Go & sit under the light of stars. Not just sit, lie down in the lap of night & observe stars.

Mood booster

Trust me, you will love it. It is so satisfying. They are so tiny, so small & remain quiet everytime.  Far away from us, They taught us that we all are tiny part of a tiny planet, so are our problems. Our Problems are also very small before us. They remind us that we’ve come so far, we are still moving & we can never be totally done. We are still here.

3. Shopping :

Shopping can improve your sour mood. It is believed to be a great stress -buster & mood elevator. Who not loves shopping. Everybody loves shopping. A bright dress, watches,shoes can have very positive inflence on us.

Mood booster

According to experts, retail therapy can be beneficial tool to help boost mood. It is considered as the therapy of restoring the control in their lives. What to buy, from where, these self decisions helps you to gain control over your life.But do not shop unnecessary things. It increases your frustration.

4. Get Relieved In Bath Tub :

10 minutes of bathing can results in improving response to both physical & mental stressors.

Mood booster

Bathing makes you feel less pessimistive & helps you enjoy more pleasure. It provides you comfort,leisure and a real break from day. Besides this, it boost mood, cure muscles, help you to sleep better & helps to reduce depression.

So whenever you siren calls you from bathtub , listen to it.

5. Start Writing :

It is one of my favourite thing which I love to do. Writing about your personal experience can improve mood. Writing sets us free. Whenever you get frustrate& angry, just write it down.

Mood booster

Vent out your frustration through your writing. I’m sure you’ll feel better. It proves by studies that  a couple who write together improve marital satisfaction.

6. Watch Netflix & Amazon Prime :

Oh Yeah ! I know now you are like , yes! this is Right. What could be better than lying down in couch with popcorns watching Netflix & chill. Nothing could be more relaxing than this.


Certains shows on netflix & Amazon prime videos can actually elevate your mood. It has treasure of terrific shows & movies you can watch. Shows like Good will hunting, Friends, Legally Blonde, Catastrope, modern family which you should watch.

7. Taking a Power Nap :

Now, don’t be astonished at this. Of course , it is the stress reliever & a well documented mood booster. This is everybody’s favourite.


Studies have shown that short nap in mid-afternoon can boost memory, lift your mood & stress remover. 40 minutes of nap improves your Performance by 34% & Alertness by  100%. It has numerous benefits. So , if you do not want to do anything above the activities, take a short power nap.



So , these are some little activities that will calm you down & boosts mood. Happiness is Around You. It’s inside you You just need to find it out. If you know someone whon is  going through a bad mood share this article to them.

Next time , when a bad mood slaps you, do any of these mentioned above activities & Share your experience with us in comment section.

Also if you want us to write on specific topic. Comment Below !!

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