Amla-Onion Hair Mask – Say Good Bye To White Hair & Hair Fall.

In this article , We will tell  you about major causes of White Hair & Hair Fall  some guide guidelines why should you use Amla-Onion Hair Mask for your hair.

Every one wants to have beautiful, healthy & strong hairs.  A lot of people are interested  in hairs because it makes them attractive. But it’s difficult to keep nice hair in this busy & messy lifestyle. One of the most peeving outcome these days is White Hair & Hair Fall.


The human body has million of Hair Follicles or small sacs lining the skin. The follicles generate hair or Pigment Cells that contain Melanin. Over time, hair follicles lose pigments cells , resulting  in white hairs . Many causes could be Genetics, Stress, Sleep Problems, High Blood Pressure, Smoking , Vitamin B Deficiency , Autoimmune Disease , Chemical Hair Dyes etc.

Causes of White Hair & Hair Fall
Causes of White Hair & Hair Fall


If you  find more hair on your comb than your head then my friend , you are the victim of excessive Hair Loss. Suddenly & Excessive hair fall can be depressing and scary & there are many culprits to be blamed for this problems like Anemia, Protein Deficiency , Thyroid Disease, Hereditary, Excess  Vitamin A, Physical or Emotional Stress etc.

Our current life style make us more prone to these hair problems.

Many shampoos, chemical leached hair products , Pills are available in market for hair problems but like always , we suggest you to prefer home- remedies for personal care.


” Amla-Onion Hair Mask ” is one of the best way that will surely deliver great results.

How Amla-Onion Hair Mask Works ?



Amla-Onion Hair Mask
Amla or Indian gooseberry

Also  known as ” Indian Gooseberry ” , Amla is known as the mass of benefits. It offers your hair & scalp. It is excellent herbal remedy to treat White Hair & Hair Fall. Hair Fall happens due yo the deficiency of Vitamin C . Amla is rich source of Tannin & Vitamin C which promote hair growth and activate the underlying tissue in scalp. It also has Anti Oxidants properties & work as conditioner for white hair & helps to turn your grey white hair to black hair naturally.




Onions are rich in sulfur which is known to minimize hair breakage & thinning. They are very good at hair – follicles nourishment & help to restore lost nutrients to the scalp. It contains Enzymes ( catalyses enzyme which neutralizes Hydrogen peroxide which is the cause of build – up of White Hair) which is Anti Oxidants that can prevent growth of White Hair.


Hence mixture of these two ingredients would be  best for your hair.

How To Prepare Amla-Onion Hair Mask?

  • Take 1 Fresh Onion & peel the skin and cut them into cubes.
  • Similarly take an Amla and also chem it.
  • Now put them in a blender & grind them to form a fine & smooth paste.
  • After that , squeeze out juice from them.
  • Gently apply this juice to your scalp &  hair from roots to tip.

Leave it for 20- 30 minutes or more if you can tolerate the smell. Then wash with a regular shampoo.

Use This Home Remedy Twice or Thrice a Week To See The Results Immediately.


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