Modest Church Outfits To Look Best For Both – Men & Women

 This article is all about the Summer church outfits which you should try to look modest, sober, simple & yaa, fashionable too. Come along with us to find them out! 

Church – you know what’s the best thing about church is – God welcomes everybody there as they are.That’s the beauty of my Jesus!

The aura, the peace, the delightful hymns there is always heart-pleasing. Suddenly died hopes starts taking rebirth. You start feeling some kind of undefined power there. Isn’t that true?

Well, now there’s one duty which lies on our shoulder’s is to look decent there. You are Supposed to look modest there.

A Clothing in church matters the most. It’s a pre requisite that you are supposed to well dressed there. Your decent look reflects ethics of the church.

Let’s start with ladies first !

Church Outfits for Women:


Floral Prints Dresses :-

In my outfit list, floral print dresses tops . Floral prints frocks & maxis never look out of fashion & as a girl we have an  exceptional love for flowers & the season is also spring.

Church outfits


Opt for peachy floral print on dark backgrounds & you can also pair your floral skirt with pastel colour top & White top. Nothing could be more delightful than this.

Floral jackets with solid colour bottom also look Eye pleasing.

Jump Suits :


Church outfits
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  1. Select a peach , punchy or pastel tone chiffin jumpsuit. Like I said floral is never out of fashion. Floral prints jump suits will also be best for your church visit. You can wear Easter hat with it too.

Long Skirts :

you can wear long skirt in any season whether in summers, springs or in winters. You can combine any top & sweater with long skirts. Loose skirts will suits best if top fits well.


Church outfits
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You can pair your long skirts with dark T shirts. It going to look classy.

Choose T- shirts that can be tucked in or worn out, depending on the look you desired.

Tea Dresses :

Church outfits
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Since 80’s & 90’s, tea dresses are the most loveable for ladies. If you are about to wear tea dresses. Go ahead. This will look pretty & modest.


Pink Forever :

Most lively colour is pink, it looks vibrant. Girls look best when they pear pink.

Church outfits
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Combination of white & pink will be best  as it gives another defination to modesty.

Pink skirts with purple shirt is also best pair to spread elegance to the church. Not only church, you can wear it any social get togethers.

Black Plazo & Pants:

Pair a pastel top with  black pants. This will be best for casual as well as traditional

Easter church outfits

You can also wear black or purple plazo as purple is the happy colour. T-shirts & loose shirts can suit it very well.


Hope, girls are more now more confident about their dress for church visit.


Church Outfits For Men :

 Khaki Pants :

Khakis are the most versatile & comfortable than jeans & denim. Why I am referring to them as versatile because you can wear it with any type of colour shirtd, tee-shirts of any colour. Let it be Green, red, pastels etc.

Easter church outfitsThese khakis look classy & functional at the same time. This is the style for casual you should actually prefer if you are about to visit lord’s house.

Black Fantasy :

Well, there is a lot of fantasy of black among boys. Black pants with red shirts, black shirts , purple & any dark colour will make you look classy & sober. Give it a try.

Pastel Outfits For Guys :

Pastel colour like Aqus lavender, pastel purple can never be boring for both men & women.

These shades are quitely lively & fresh. Pastle checks are also in trend tjese days as they look lively & fresh.

My favourite combo which people love most pastel colour shirts with white& cotton khaki pants.

Ready to look awesome this Easter with this combo.

 Semi-Formal :

Semi formal includes a textured or sporty blazer. Blue or  faded blue will rock with underneath white shirt.


Make sure blazer fits you well. Dark pants & colour matching  pants will serve quite good to blazers.

Brooch to your blaze will be like a cheery to the cake in your look.

Florals Print :

i know now you will be reacting to it like no ! flowers & me no way!  Florals are not only for girls. It look best on you too. It just depend you style it.

Light coloured floral button down shirts are absolutely perfect for this day. These shirts will look flawless when pairing black &  beige pants

Printed Classy Shirts :

Printed or Pattern Shirt with dark cotton pants ( I am focusing on pants not denims or jeans do remember) This look is also ideal for church day.

Ghigham print shirts in light shades can be paired with bright cropped pants.

 Church foot wears for Girls :

When you are selecting your sandal or shoes for your outfits. Coordinate with dress style & colour.

Strappy sandal , Patent leather heels are best for any church attire & aur suitable any  dresses.

 Church  Footwears for Men :



Loffars & Dark Loffars are best and can go with any dress.

Do not forget to wear tie & handkerchief.


  • Girls should not wearbackless, low cuts dresses , tank tops, sphaghattis or any type of dress that show your cleavage or midriff.
  • Skirts & shorts less than should be avoided as it is not aporopriate for church visit.
  • Do not wear anything transparent.
  •  Stricttly avoid denim & jeans.
  •  Boys should also follow the above rules.


So these are some selective Church  outfits which we find best. We hope this will be now satisfying & help you this  to look adorable in church.

You style of clothes reflects the kind of your person. Choose it very well especially when the you have to pay visit to lord’s house.

This time select the best outfit for you and suggest  your nearby friends & relatives too.

You own opinions are also welcome here. Share your own thoughts about your attire which you usually wear in church. We’ll also include them  in our  related articles in future.

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