Different Face Shapes of Women| Know Your Face Shape | Best Makeup & Hairstyle According To It.

Heya , ladies! Here we are up with our new article ” Face shape of women”. But before discussing this , I have a question for you all. Have you also ever come across this problem like , despite a good haircut, it is not being lit on face or whenever you try to copy your favorite celeb’s makeup & hairstyle , end up looking horrible or funny!  I know you faced this problem. Don’t feel embarrassed! This is because hairstyle & makeup do not look same on every person. This is the game of ” Face shapes” . Yes, yes , yes ! You read it right face shape. Face shape is the the most essential factor which can decide which hairstyle, makeup or even sunglasses can look best on you. So you first need to find which type of face shape you have. I know you may be running out of idea which type of face shape you have because most people think that their face are simply round. But this is not true. So in this article, you will know about different face shapes of women, how can you recognize it & also which makeup & hairstyle will flatter your face.”

Face ummmm, the first thing that catches the attention of a person is face. To look attractive, people do number of home remedies , wear heavy cosmetics & make up & use beauty creams. But there are also other essential features which makes you to look beautiful like styling your hair which compliments your face features & to do correct make up tactics which are compatible to your face. What we are trying to make you understand that , Face shape , makeup & hairstyle they are connected with each other.

It is disservice to select a hairstyle or make up without keeping in mind your face shape. But no worries, , from now your problem is going to end, this article will surely help you. Now see how :–

Different Face Shapes Of Women.

Different girls have different face shapes. Generally , there are 7 types of face shapes :-








Take measurements:

Now I know you might be in confusion whcih one do you have? No problem , Go grab a mirror & a flexible tape measure & tie up your hair if you have long hair follow the guidelines which are providing. So let’s start now –

In order to work out which type of face shape you have, first you need to find out which part of face are long, short or whether they are actually same.

For all this first you need to take measurements of your face :-

FOREHEAD : Measure across the widest part of your forehead. It is located midway between your eyebrows & your upperhairline. Now pull the tape measure from peak of one eyebrow arch to the peak of the opposite arch. Record that number.

CHEEK BONES : first observe the most prominent part of your cheek bones with your Finger tips. It is the part just below the outer corner of each eye. Now measure across the upper chicks. Now measure starting & ending at the sharp bump below the outer corner of each eye.

JAWLINE : Measure from tip of your chin to below yuor ear at the point at which your jaw ange upwards. You have a jaw on both sides of your face. So multiply that number by 2 to get your jawline length.

Face length : Now to find out the length of your face, take the tape & measure from the upper point of your hairline down to the tip of your chin.

After getting all your measurements , note & observe which is the largest & use the information below to determine which best describes your face.

Determination of Different Face Shapes Of Women

Now we already told you, there are basically 7 types of Face shapes, Let’s study about each one.

  1. ROUND FACE :Round shapes ate typically symmetrical. You have round shape if majority of your face features are rounded. Cheek bones & face length have similar measurement. They are larger than forehead & Jawline , which also have a similar measurement. The angle of the jaw is soft & much less defined.
  2. ) OVAL FACE : It is the longer version of round face. Your forehead is probably the widest part of your face.
  3. ) DIAMOND FACE : In this case face length measures largest . This in descending order : cheekbones, forehead & smallest is jawline. Chin is pointed
  4. ) TRIANGLE FACE : Jawline measures greater than cheekbones, which measures larger than forehead
  5. ) RECTANGLE FACE : Face length is the greatest measurement. Forehead ,cheekbones & are similar in size.
  6. ) SQUARE FACE : All measures are fairly similar. The angle of jaw is sharp rather than rounded.
  7. ) HEART FACE : Forehead measures greater than the cheekbones & jawline. The chin is pointed.

I hope now you are getting idea of different faces of women. Yes, yes I know you are eager to know make up & hairstyle according to face shapes so keep scrolling.

Makeup According To Different Face Shapes Of Women :

Women have a very conflicted relation with make up. Sometimes , it acts as your best friend if it is done in right way & if you overdo it or apply in a wrong way, it acts as foe. But hey beauties , don’t worry ! Following is provided the best makeup tutorial for each face shape . Hope this will navigate you & help you to end this conflict.


Round face shape keeps you looking youth. I myself have round face shape. So, I’ll tell you what i personsally do

▪Eye makeup : choose dark shades on the eyes such as brown , black , deep , blue, purple. Let eyes do the talking.

eye brows should be well defined. Keep your eye brows angled as this will make your face look longer & draw attention to your face.

▪BRONZER TIPS : Bronze the entire parameter of the face & under the cheekbones. Use a bronzer that is 1 shade lighrter than your skin. Bronzer is usually considered as best friend , if you want to give face some depth.

CONTOUR TIPS : As your cheeks are probably the widest part of your face. Contour those cheeks. Try to feel your cheekbones that where you should do contour. Use dark shades of foundation/ concealer / powder to contour. This will make your face slimmer.

BLUSH : Take this out of your mind that blushing will make you odd as your cheeks are chubby. But that’s not true.It all depends on the way how you applied the product. Opt the shades that are warmer & have matte finish . Apply the blush under the cheeks. This will make your face enlongated & less rounded. Enhance your cheeks & give them a healthy glow.

▪LIP COLOUR TIPS : Choose dark shades of lip colour. This will make your face bold & give more. angular appearance.


If your face are blessed with oval shape, you don’t need to work with makeup too much to fix anything. Instead focus on bringing out the angle.

USE FOUNDATION : Apply foundation one shade darker than your natural skin colour.

▪BALANCE BETWEEN EYE MAKE UP & LIP COLOUR : Make sure if you are going for something heavy on your eyes like smoky, tone down the lip colour. Keep your lips simple or use very light pink colour. For oval face , eye make up & lip make up should not be done at the same time. If you have a flashy lipstick to show off , tone down your eye make up.

CONTOURING TIPS : Contour by using a cream or Matte powder or foundation. Contour the sides of your forehead to make your hairline look narrow also contour below your cheekbones.

▪BLUSHING TIPS : cheekbones as you know, occupy the widest part of an oval face. Highlight yourr cheekbones is the biggest factor which can make or break the over all look. Since, blush is the most under – utiilized prouduct when it comes to makeup , do use it little.


Pic source : Google

A diamond face shape have narrow forehead , slightly tapered. Your face is the widest at the cheekbones & jawline is narrow or long & pointed.

A diamond face shape require makeup that will bring out the best in the narrow and full features that to create its unique shape.

FOUNDATION : Use two shade foundation. Apply dark shade foundation to the area where you want to minimize. Apply light shade foundation you want to emphasize ( chin & forehead ) .

EYE MAKEUP : Follow your natural brow line. Do not create a dramatic arch. Eyebrows should be groomed slightly apart from centre.

Use dark shadows for eyes. Give them a bold look.

CONTOURING : Contour at the cheeks to minimize width.

BLUSH : Use a brown / peach / pink blush instead of light or bright pink shade. Say no to bright blushes. Apply it in the Hallows underneath your cheekbones.

LIP MAKEUP : Use a neutral matte lipstick rather than a glossy lip gloss or bright colour.


Pic credit : Google

Triangle face shape is one of that curved upwards. This means that the jawline is greater than the hairline & is the widest part. Triangle face requires makeup that will flatter & help to minimize the bottom heavy appearance of it.

FOUNDATION : Use a foundation lighter than your normal skin tone.

EYE MAKEUP : Eyeliner is applied to the base of the lids from the outside of the eye towards the nose. Use a smooth motion and make line shape up slightly.

Apply darker shade of eye shadows over each eyelid and just above the crease of the eye. ( For that with small eyelids, leave the lids light, blend the darker shade just above the crease.

CONTOURING : Contouring powder should be slightly darker than your foundation. Apply contour over the Jawline & the hairline.

BLUSH : Blush at the starting at the balls of the cheeks in a V – shape blending towards temple.

LIP MAKEUP : Do not put too much lip colour. Try nude colour. This will draw attention to your chin. Avoid too much bright red or deep colour.


Pic credit : google

: It is also known as obolong face. It is longer than it is wide & is relatively the same width across the forehead , cheekbones & jawline.

For rectangular face, bring out the middle third of the face while reducing length. Use makeup to accentuate your cheekbones. Your aim is to be make it like Oval.

EYE MAKEUP : Play with your eyes by experimenting with Cat eye makeup. Use bold eyeshadows colour & dramatic lashes. Since you have long face winging your eyeliner help the eyes look bigger & Wider. This will draw attention to this area.

Extending the eyebrows outwards towards your tamples also will soften the angular features.

CONTOURING : contour the sides of the Jaws, temples & hairline with bronzer. Use matte bronzer for this. Also add bronzerr to the bottom of the chin.

BLUSH : Apply blusher along the cheekbones towards the ear. Use a light pinkish shade on the cheeks & use a rosy & darker shade onto apples. Use a fluffy brush for this.

LIP MAKEUP : Try to keep lips minimum & you can use rosy pink as this suits best on this face.


Pic source : Google

Square face shape is considered as the one of the hardest as the jawline & hairline can be quite strong. Some women with this shape feel insecure about it & go to great length to cover it & make it smaller.

BUT , BUT , BUT This is not the solution. You can achieve success in making it beautiful if correct makeup is done. Checkout the these great makeup tips :

EYE MAKEUP : Use dark eyeshadows to bring out your eyes. Use peripink or lavender. Finish by applying on or the coats of maskara.

CONTOURING : Contour the sides of your forehead, below the cheekbones & under the jaw & temples & bridge of the nose. Choose a shade darker than your natural skin tone. This will minimize the shape & soften the sides.

BRONZER TIPS : Bronzer the hallow of your cheeks. Choose a shade bit darker than your natural skin tone.

Do not use too much bronzer. I personally suggest you should use water proof bronzer. It is the shade that is neither too dark nor too light but enough to bring out the cheekbones. It blends in with your contour.

EYEBROWS TIPS: Make your eyebrows rounded at the arches. Don’t make the entire brow in the shape of crecent but arch should be slightly softer. You can smooth them out with eyebrow pencil.This will give you a softer look & fill them in will keep your eyebrows looking bold & daring.

LIP MAKEUP : To enhance square face shape. Lips should be plum. You need not t use filler to plum your face. Makeup will do this.

If you have thin lips – use lipgloss of light colour. If you have thick lips , first use lip liner to outline the natural lips then fill it out with lip gloss. Make liner look like shadow by smudging it.


Pic source : Google

A heart face shape person have a forehead relatively wider & have prominent cheekbones & pointed chin. This shape is also called as Inverted triangle. You probably have angular face along the bottom of the cheekbones & blend out the hairline. Let’s find out how can you enhance these features :

EYE MAKEUP : Soft smokey eyes would look best over it. Don’t go overboard with heavy makeup because it will make your eyes smaller. Opt subtle eyeshadow shades .Apply dark eyeliner , blend it well for a soft look.

EYEBROWS TIPS :A round arch will surely emphasize the heart shaped face. The eyebrows should be groomed or shaped correctly.

FOUNDATION : Apply foundation that is 1-2 shade darker than your natural skin tone.

CONTOUR TIPS : Contour the sides of the nose with a bronzer. Do it over cheekbones with a bronzer by tracing the hollows of your cheekbones.

BLUSH : Use a subtle shade of blush to add colour to the apples of the cheeks.


Hair Styles According To Face Shapes :

You need hairstyle that compliment your face to create the look that you are envisioning. Getting a perfect hairstyle is like wearing a crown on your head without bringing the glory of face down. Luckily , our guide to finding the Perfect Hairstyle For Different Face Shapes will show you the best way to enhance your face features.


Short: Defined pixie cut or gamine with spiky layers sliced all around the crown
Medium: Choppy, layered bob
Long: Mid-back length hair with barely-there layers

Avoid: Hairstyles and cuts that end right at or above the chin line

Oval Face Shape

Short: A bob with minimal layers
Medium: A blowout soft curls with shoulder-length hair
Long: Retro-texture waves with sweeping fringe

Avoid: Blunt cut


Short: Curly hair not swept away from the face
Medium: Shoulder-sweeping wavy hair with straight bangs that give the illusion of a wider forehead
Long: Soft waves cascading down the back

Avoid: One length bob with blunt fringe


Short: Textured, short bob
Medium: Just-below-chin length curly hair with the crown area having heavy curls
Long: Wavy hair with side-swept bangs

Avoid: Chin-length bobs


Short: Layered bob with side fringe
Medium: Shoulder length hair with blowout curls
Long: Bold wavy hair with lots of layers reaching the cheekbones and the chin

Avoid: Long straight hair


Short: Layered bob with subtle bangs
Medium: Shoulder-length feathery layered hair
Long: Layered hair with a middle parting and the ends brushed inwards

Avoid: Blunt, graphic, or rather a boxy haircut


Short: Evenly clipped pixie cut, chin-length wavy hair with side-swept wispy fringe
Medium: Collarbone-length crop hair with uniform layers and sweeping bangs
Long: Long layered hair with layers breaking at cheekbones and chin

Avoid: Heavy, short bangs and angular bobs

I hope by following these steps , you can easily figure out now your face shape, makeup & hairstyle. And girls trust me , you are beautiful. Love yourself & each type of face is beautiful in itself. Accept yourself. This will just keep to put little more confident in choosing face shape & makeup.

So now what are you waiting for , go get up & put your favourite dress. Apply makeup & do hairstyles according to your face shape. Go look perfect & rock the stage.

If you have any kind of makeup advice or hairstyle that will enhance face. Let us now in comments.

Stay tuned for more articles till then tada!

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