Healthy Sleeping Positions For Good Sleep- Good Night Body Pains!


Suppose someone’s call you & say ” you don’t have office today or your college is off today ” . What is the first thing you do? Aaa Aaa, I know the answer you will go back to your heaven , your bed , hug tightly your pillow & then sleep for whole day . I can relate to it very well. Because that’s my favourite job too. Sleeping is so important that without getting enough sleep we are unable to produce effective productivity. That’s why it is necessary ti have healthy sleep & healthy sleep comes when you are free from any medical issues. But do you ever face this problem like, sometimes after a long good sleep your neck & back starts aching or  your shoulders starts shouting with pain. Do you ever think why this happens? This is because of the position or posture you adopt while sleeping. Yes, your Healthy Sleeping positions really matters the most & is associated with numerous external & internal problems. 

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If you are already facing medical issues, you need to correct your sleeping position for fast recovery.

Here we have listed correct Sleeping positions with their benefits in order to counter with medical problems or to avoid them as much as possible.

There Are Four Types Of Healthy Sleeping Positions :

Sleeping positions
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1.Back Slumber:

Sleeping positions

Getting flat on your back – out of four Sleeping positions it the most healthiest & recommendable sleeping position to avoid aches & pain.

Benefits :

  • PREVENTS NECK & BACK PAIN : Neck Pain & Back Pain really makes  life tough.

Lying down on your back will help you to stay away from back pains whether upper or lower & also makes less prone to neck problems  . It distributes weight evenly accross your frame & thus reduces the pressure of bones & muscles. Relaxing muscles by reducing tension improves quality of sleep & also fight with Insomnia.

Sleeping positions

This position keeps head, neck & back to be in neutral position. The right spine alignment supports whole body & it relaxes comfortably. No doubt, why it Is one of the best healthy sleeping positions for Neck & Back Pain.


your skin will look smooth if you sleep on your back. Sleeping on back resists face rubbing against the pillow which allows  the skin to look smooth & wrinkles free.

Sleeping positions

It also prevents the puffiness & swollen to grow around upper cheeks & around eyes because when you sleep in any particular position, fluid moves towards those areas & leaves temperary swollen areas.


Bigger breasts looks quite good & attractive but it also causes sometimes problems.

Sleeping positions

Sleeping by facing off the ceiling is best sleeping position for ladies having bigger boobs. In this position , you breats won’t get squeezed underneath you or in between your arms. It relieves some of the pressure caused by heaviness of large breasts & you’ll be less prone to back problems.


It is quite helpful for people having acid reflux as it allows gravity to pull down on your face & chest.

It fewers the wrinkles on neck.

This sleeping position also fights with morning pain & stiffness.

This sleeping position is best for babies upto 1 year old.


Like coin has two sides, same is the case with back sleeping. If you are a snorer , it will aggreviate this very high & it is also harmful if you are suffering with sleep apnea ( when a person’s breathing is interuppted) then this position is not for you.

How to make this position beneficial

If you already have neck pain & back pain, avoid using pillows. Science has proved that sleeping without pillows is ideal for neck & back pain as your body will find optimal position for rest.

Sleeping positions

But if you still want pillows use flatter pillows & place pillows under your knees as it keeps the position in straight alignment. You can use this sleeping position if you have chronic back aches problems.


Look for a medium thick pillow. Do not use too thick pillow as it may push your head too far forward & too soft pillow can sink down your head to the mattress. So you need meedium thick pillow which makes sleeping position for back & neck optimal.


2. Side Slumber :

Sleeping positions

This is the most common position people love to adopt after a taxing & exhausted day. It is also most comfortable sleep & it does not disturb sleep but remember always sleep on left side. According to doctors, sleeping on left side is quite beneficial if you are side sleeper. Now you there is a reason why body organs are placed in left side.



If you are left side sleeper, you’ll find that your digestion is quite good. This is because stomach & pancreas are located on the left side, which enables them to function properly.

Sleeping positions
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Elimination of food becomes easy, because the small intenstine forces waste move to the right side so that it makes path to thr large intenstine & finally to the lower calon on left side.


As you heart is on the left side, you are supposed to sleep left as it makes the blood flows easy towards the heart & helps to function smoothly. It also reduces heart burn.


It is also beneficial for people who snore because your tongue & throat are in neutral position.

Right side position is best for people suffering from sleep apnea.


If you are suffering from heart disease, gallstones & digestive problems, this position is not safe then, switch to right side.

It also worsens the shoulder’s pain. Sleeping on side leads to wrinkles as you face remains stuck to the pillow.

How To Make This Position Beneficial

If you have back pain & you are not confortably sleep on back, you can sleep on left side. Try to sleep straight on side ot you can adjust pillows between your knees.

If there is a gap between your waist & the mattress use small pillow for support. This will keeps spine, pelvis, hips in better alignment.


use less loft pillow is quite helpful to side sleepers. It is the best pillow for side sleeper with Sleep apnea.

3. Fetal Slumber :


This position is usually the position of a body like a fetus when it devlops. In this position, the back is curved, the head is bowed & the knees are bent , especially on left side.



Sleeping positions

This sleeping position is most  recommendable for pregnant ladies because in this position the blood circulation is great in the body & to the fetus. It hinders the uterus & the liver to press against each other.


In medical profession this position is used to minimize the injury to the neck & the chest.


Sleeping positions
prevents Herniation
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This sleeping position is preferrable for herniated disc patients. Lying down on side with knees tucked into the chest minimizes the bending of spiral & thus helps opening up the joints


If you curl up tightly it puts a lot of pressure on diaphagram & this resists your breathing and curling up for too long can also cause lower back pain.

How To Make This Position Beneficial :

You can place pillows between your knees, use a full length pillows, to avoid hip & lower back pain.

This sleeping position  also benefits pregnant ladies with lower & upper back pain. You can also place pillow under you adomen.

4. Stomach Slumber :

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Out of these four healthy Sleeping positions it is considered as the worst sleeping position to sleep.



It relieves snoring & helps to reduce sleep apnea.


This could worsens the back & neck pain & do not recommendable to most people because stomach sleeping exerts lots of pressure on nerve ending & leads to numbness. This position is not for pregnant ladies.

How To Make This Position Beneficial :

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Well, if you are unable to change this position , use a bed pillow to support your forehead in such a way that heart & spine alignment is not disturbed & you are able to breathe properly.

This position can be good for girls with bigger boobs if you placed a small pillow under your stomach.


A soft fairly, flat pillow is more suitable for stomach sleeping. A soft pillow allow your neck to stay in straight line with your spine.

So, these are the correct healthy Sleeping positions for good health. This will definately keeps you away from problems or helps you in recovery. Start taking immediate steps if you are facing any type of health problem due to sleeping. Do not neglect your health. Let this time have a good counsil with your sleep. We’ll come with new article soon. Till then,Tada !

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