How To Beat The Summer Heat In Outdoors- No Dehydration & Skin Problems Anymore


Beat heat in summer

After a long winter slumber, nature finally arrived into its beautiful phase, SUMMERS – the days of longer gossips, the days when fragrance of mogra & efflorescence awakes you, the days to play in park with cousins & eating ice -cream after that & the best thing about summer which we all love most is Summer vacattions ! Haha right ! You have to agree with this. But all the days of summers are not bliss. There are days when it shows its merciless behaviour. But , but you can save yourself  from its cruel punishment by some interesting & useful ways. This is what we are going to discuss today. Following we’ll discuss 9 unique ways to Beat the summer heat in outdoors & to stay cool in summers. But there is a little task for you to do. You have to come along with us. So ,what are you waiting for. Let’s start : 

Oh my my! Summers are on the way to soak up all the energy,this is mostly our reaction.The heat waves refuses to settle & the scorching summer season sun trigger you to sweat , ugh!

Summer invites problems like strokes, sun burn  ,dizziness, dehydration. In this duration, visiting outside is a difficult task.

But , here we have solve your problem.


 9 Unique Ways To Beat Summer Heat:


1) Drenched In Cold Water :

Beat heat in summer


Take shower in cold water to eradicate the tiredness & to get refreshed for whole day. Don’t step outside without having shower. Don’t forget you have to stay whole in extreme heat.

2) Attire, Accessories, Cosmetic , Hairstyles matters :


Beat heat in summer


When you are about to step in melting world, choose a summer beathable attire. Your outfit in summers should be comfortable as you have to spend whole day in that attire.

Summer demands loose fitting clothes. Tight clothes gets stick to your body make it very uncomfortable to walk & survive.

Instead of jeans & tight clothes, try to wear cotton pants, trousers, knee-length skirts.

Organic cotton bermudas pants are best for young children.

Knee length skirts, Umbrella tops, loose full sleves tops, organic salwar kameez will be best for ladies & please avoid wearing over garments.

▪Fabrics :  Use cotton, Rayon, Linen, blends, chambray, silk. These are best breathable fabrics that will help you to chill in summers.

Colours : Wear light colour clothes like light blue, light green , white , grey, golden, baby pink. These colours are the best options. It reflects most of the sun radiations results in lowering the temperature of the body.

▪ Cosmetics :

Beat heat in summer

Change your cosmetics like instead of heavy foundation use milk moisturizer & instead of dark lipstics opt lip stains , sheer lipstic & light lip colours. Select liquid or gel like products instead of cream based products. Use waterproof clear mascara for eyes & prefer cheek stain rather than powdered blush. Because sweating wash away your oily & cream based cosmetics. To avoid look horrible , give them try.

Hair Styles :

Beat heat in summerFor boys , if you have long hair cut it down. Trust me,long hair keeps irritating you whole day.

Girls should can tie their hair in pony & buns. Don’t leave your hair open.

Footwears :

Beat heat in summer

Avoid heels please. Switch to oxfords, flat sandals, casual sneakers, flip flop , Boat shoes etc.

3) Make Sun Screen Your Best Friend :

Beat heat in summer

Dare not to forget wear sun screens. This would be your biggest companion in your whole journey of summers. Keep it yourself with everytime. This will avoid the sun stroke & sun tan to happen. You will remain protected by harsh UV rays

Use sun screens of spf 20,30 or 40 , its your choice. But ensure to reapply it, atleast 10 or 15 times. It is absolutely necessary. So, start off your day by shielding your face & skin with sun screens.

If you are going out in Bikini, you need to apply full of sunscreen to be protected from head to toe.

Suggestion: Apply it 30 minutes before you go out & make sure it is water resistant.

4) Face Mist – ( Aah! the Rejuvenater):

Beat heat in summer

Facial mist are best for your skin in dull summer days. This one is best in the 9 unique ways to beat the summer heat.  It refreshes & revives the tired skin in no time & prepare it for busy day ahead.

If you have no facial mist, no worries. You can take a spray bottle & fill it with pure water & keep it in refrigerator. When you are about to step in heat, take it & use it when you feel hot.


5) Stay Cool With Umbrellas, Shades & Hats :

Beat heat in summer

Opt a brimmed hat & umbrella to protect your scalp of the head, ears & back. Light colour hat can be perfect.

Similarly it’s worth to get some sunglasses to help you to see comfortably & there is no fun squinting all the day long with the sun in your eyes.

If you have have cap, no worries! take a cool funky umbrella.

6) Stay Hydrated( Carry a Water Bottle) :

Beat heat in summer

Water, the survival of human lives. In summers, it is something more improtant than oxygen. Right ? Kidding! Nothing could satiate your thirst other than water.No matter ,how many cold drinks juices, shakes you drink. At the end you answer to your thirst is always – Water .

As you know dehydration become trend in these summer days especially for those who remain outdoor for their workers. So , in order to avoid dehydration, carry a water bottle with youself. Don’t wait until you are thirsty , drink it through out the day time to drink. Dehydration is a serious health hazard. Do not neglect it. You can add glucose in water or lime its your choice, according to your need & taste.

7) Carry Light Cooked Food & Hydrated Fruits & Vegetables :

Beat heat in summer

Carry lunch with youself. Pack light cooked food with spicy peppers. As you know spice creates sweating & thus removes the inner hotness.

You can carry fruits like watermelon, mango, berries, citrus fruits, Avacado.

Dishes likes spicy mexican corn salad, homemade Hummus, Gazpacho cold soups , these are the foods you should take while stepping outside.  We are easily prone to bacterial infection outside.  Due to this reason Avoid eating outside.

Still, if you forget to carry lunch, eat hydrated frits & veggies rather than junkfood.

(In outdoors , schools & offices )

7) Look For Shade :


As you know , temperature is at its peak between 11am to 4pm, try to be in heat , it goes a long way towards mitigating the heat.

8) Time To Use Caps Or Umbrellas & Facial Mist:



If there is no shade of tree & any other benches under shades to sit , its time to wear caps , umbrella & shades.

You can use facial mist when ever you start feeling hot & dizzy.

9) Other Hydrated Drinks , Other Than Water :


In case you don’t have water or you want to drink some energy boosting summer drinks , you can go for fruit juices with fibres, vegetables juices.

Other than this you can take shikanji ( sweet lime) , blueberry ginger water, Raw mango ( Aam panna) , wood apple drink ( Bel sharbat) , Roohafza, Buttermilk, sugarcane juice. These are some traditional summer refreshing drinks helps to coordinate in summer outdoors. They help in keeping the body cool & apart from quenching the thirst. This is also the interesting & delicious way to beat the summer heat in outdoors.

Don’t ask me about its taste. Oh ! You’ll leave not glass even after it gets finished.

Avoid tea, coffee & caffeniated drinks.

In Schools & Offices :


▪You can also keep your class cool by blocking you windows with curtains & papers.

▪Turn off the lights .

▪You can keep cool youself by putting wet handkerchief on your neck & on the pulse. This is the also the unique way to escape the heat. By this, you can beat the summers without electricity.

It will keep your body & pulse rate cool & calm.


▪You can also block the windows of your office’s room with curtains & plastic sheets.

▪Turn off the unnecesaary light.

▪You can place a ice bowl infront of your desk fan to get the cooling effect of air just like our Air conditioners.

▪You can put a bowl full of ice straight down to the ceiling fan incase if you don’t  have desk fan.

This method you can use indoors to survive in summers without air conditioners.

Hope these ndigenous ways to Beat heat in summer outdoors will help you alot. Now rather than making excuses to sit home because of extreme heat, you can enthusiastically look forward to beat summers & can stat outdoors for work.


Go & face the sun challengingly this time.







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