How To Enjoy Monsoons Romantically In Outdoors- Best 6 Ideas !

Do you have any plans this monsoons with your love? If not then you need not to worry. You come to the right place. In this articles you’ll get to know you can enjoy monsoons in outdoors and especially in romantic way. you still can have a perfect romantic dates. Come with us & know.

Monsoons are happiness. The nature is on peak on it’s beauty. It is considered as best season among all seasons.


Besides this, monsoon is the season of romance. I don’t know how many of you believe this, but I do. I personally believe , love blooms in rains.

And bollywood has actually shown us how much this season is beautiful. Their romantic Monsoons songs starts hitting up our mind when downpour starts hitting the earth.

I know many of you prefer to stay during monsoons & thinks that rains spoils your plans. But let me correct you, you cannot find any best way to be romantic during monsoons in outdoors.

I’ve some best ideas with you regarding how can you enjoy rains in outdoors  so let’s discuss over this:

Romantic Long Drives Can Never Be Outdated

While everybody prefers to stay at home during monsoons. I would suggest just give a try to outdoors. Go for long drives with your honey. Give her surprise.


Let her play with the sprinkles of rain. Play some old classic romanic song or if you are not a bad singer you can sing for her to make her feel special. The peace, the satisfaction at that time, you can  ever imagine.

Chai-Pakorah Or Butta Treat- Spicy Bytes Of Monsoons:

If you are an Indian & if you don’t have chai- pakorah or Butta ( Indian corn)  in monsoons then sorry, you are not Indian couple. Kidding.

Pakorahs & Buttas are all you need to enjoy monsoons. Treat your love with these special love bites. Enjoy the real monsoons.

Kissing In The Rain- Feel The Real Romance :

Have you ever tried this? Kissing in rain each other just like the actors & actresses do in movies. It’s ok to be little dramatic. Why not?

When it is raining hard, it’s hard to hear anything other than the voice of your love.


Kissing in rain develops passionate-ism. People are overjoyed & feel loved. Scientifically it is proved that kissing entails the butterflies feeling amongst each other.

Rain ensures that you both are safe & loved, no matter the wheather. It is most romantic & loving. I think you should try atleast once in your life.

Let the rain witness your love.

Let Love Bloom In Single Umbrella :

If you are new a couple, then I think it’s best. Imagine you both under one umbrella & hand in hand listening each other feelings, heartbeats & silence. Isn’t is romantic. You can’t have first romantic date than this.

Unleash The Inner Child In you:

Splash water at each other by jumping into puddles. This is the funniest romantic way to enjoy monsoons. Teasing your love makes you both laugh.

Dance like no one is watching you. It’s ok to act like kids sometimes. Kids are innocent so are your love.

What’s better than visiting Monsoon Travel Destinations :

If you are a newly married couple and if you are planning to go for honeymoon in this monsoon.

I would say please stay In India & Enjoy the real monsoons.

India has some another level of beauty in Monsoons.

There are some best Monsoon Destinations in India which you should visit :

  • National park, uttarakhand
  • Kashmir in J&k
  • Munnar, kerela
  • Western ghats mountains
  • Kanyakumari, Tamil nadu
  • Nangal wetland, punjab
  • Phaloda, jodhpur
  • Lonavla, Maharashtra
  • Shillong, meghalya
  • Mumbai
  • Ohhla bird sanctuary , okhla
  • Agra, Delhi

You can also visit to those Restuarants which offers the best monsoon view

You can check the above link.

Hope, now you know how to spend this monsoons and grow love. Make these monsoons the best memory of your life.  Don’t forget to collect pictures of your love in these rains & thank me later. Lol !

We’ll up with new article soon. Till then tada!

( Do you have better options other than these to spend monsoons in outdoors? If you have, let us know in the comment section. Your comments will be appreciated. Thanks!)

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