Skin Tan

Skin Tan Removal Treatment Instantly At Home | Immediate Results!!

Let’s Understand Basis Of Why Our Skin Tan & What Should We Do To Prevent it From Happening.

When the summer arrives , we are constantly worried about our skin getting dark (Skin Tan) and uneven patches from skin exposures. Whether you are at beach , going for job or doing any other outdoor activities,It’s  important to protect your skin from sun’s harmful rays.

Understanding the process of tanning is important to prevent it and treat it in the future.

Why Skin Tan Happens ?

Skin Tan
Skin Tan
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Skin Tanning is body’s ways to protect internal organs from damage due to exposure to “ULTRA-VIOLET RAYS” of the sun. Ultra – violet rays are extremely dangerous to our Internal organs & it is also known to cause ” SKIN CANCER.”

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Our skin produces a pigment called “MELANIN” to keep them from entering our body on exposure to the sun. The sun automatically sends this pigment to the surface to help fight – off the surface – The greater the sun exposures , The darker the melanin turns.  This happens because sun breaks down the melanin which results in  melanin getting Oxidized and darkening the skin.

So what is the solution of this Dilemma. Don’t worry ! Following are the couple of steps you can do at your home and they work like wonder.

Home – Made Pack  For Skin Tan

Things we need :

  •    GRAM – FLOUR  :  1 Tbsp 
Gram Flour
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“BESAN” or Gram – flour is known for its anti – bacterial properties. It fights pimples , removes skin tan , reduces the oiliness of skin and moisturizes the skin too. It can be mixed with variety of Ingredients to clean and nourish your skin and  is a  versatile ingredient.

  •    MILK – POWDER : 1 Tbsp



The ” LACTIC – ACID” in it lightens and smothers skin. It contains high concentration of Vitamins & Minerals. It hydrates your skin ,  helps to heal dull skin and  gives your skin a youthful glow.

  •   HONEY :  1/2 Tbsp
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Honey is said to lighten the skin, it’s anti-inflammatory and anti-bacterial compunds helps to decrease the appearances of scars & increase healing & tissue generation.

  •   LEMON JUICE : 1/2 Tbsp
LEMON- JUICE Pic Source : Google Images

Lemons contain “VITAMIN-C ” and are rich in “CITRIC – ACID”. They help brighten & lighten your skin. It evens our skin tones , treats oil complexion, removes tan and so on .

  •  MILK:  1/2 Tbsp
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Lactic acid present in Milk helps to lightens & brightens the skin. It is an excellent cleaner. It soothes skin irritation. Removes dead cells. It soothes fine lines and uneven tones. It treats sun burns & skin tanning.


• Now take a plastic bowl. Add gram flour , milk powder , lemon juice , honey & Milk in it. Mix it well.

• Now apply this paste on your face or affected areas by using brush. If you don’t have brush , apply it with fingers.

Now apply thin layer of milk on top of your mask in every five – Minutes. Make sure your mask is not drying up. ( The idea here is to keep your mask moist for 20-25 minutes so that first layer of your skin which is tanning can melt easily and it is easy for us to remove skin tan completely)

• Now massage your face for five minutes.

• After massaging your face , wash it with plain & fresh water.

You will see good results in first wash.


So , Instead of opting for the expensive DE -TAN or Fairness Facials. You can try using some natural methods to get rid of Skin Tanning.










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