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weight loss
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Hey, you look so heavy ! Ever heard this? Do you ever mocked by passers by, ignored by some of your fellows just because you look fat, became a funny material for teenagers or children  or are you fighting with numerous health problems due to this stubborn Obesity. Relax, don’t feel disheartened. It’s time to take strict actions for your sake. Through this write up, our main motive is to provide you a better solution for your problem &  to motivate you to do little hustle to achieve your weight loss goal.

Weight loss
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Being over-weight is not a choice. There could be many reasons behind being victim of obese. Some people may have genetic tendency to gain weight easily than others. Genes play an important role. Sometimes medications promote weight gain by increasing appetite or it may be any reason.

But the most common reason nowadays is “Our modern diet Globalization of economy has also globalized our modern-food habits. Our eating habits are no more confined to our traditional and nutritional dishes or meals.


weight loss


Junk food appeal to our taste but they don’t suit our digestive system. Obesity creates enormous health hazards like Heart diseases, liver problem ,high blood pressure, osteoarthritis gout, etc. You should be aware of these hazards. They are life eating diseases. You need to save yourself from them.



Let’s choose a very simple way. Eat healthy, drink and continuous workout and Say hello to sexy shape and figure and healthy lifestyle. Yes , its very simple but not easy. Our craziness do not allow us to do ever these simple things and reason for laziness is ” Our weight .” But friends ,weight loss requires hard workout, sweat and patience . Otherwise , there is no alternative method . I’ve mentioned at the end of the post some well procure list of weight loss products for your help. But still, accept natural ways to loose weight. Fortunately for loosing weight , you not need to go anywhere . Some seasonal food and drinks will serve a great role in aiding weight loss. Summers and winters demand for its seasonal veggies and fruits. These food will help you in this journey.  Excited to know ? lets find them out.

Weight Loss Food Products:-

Weight loss
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Exercising alone cannot be aid to the problem and starving won’t make you to loose weight. You might be thinking that what else you can do then .

First, you need to take this out of your mind that starving makes you slim and only exercise brings results in shedding the fat. I have seen people who thrash themselves at the gym , for an hour or two, eating rice, curries, junk suddenly after exercise . This is not going to work , trust me . What you eat matters the most, this describes your life style.



WORK OUT AND FOOD SHOULD GO HAND IN HAND. Healthy food and Low calories foods, veggies, grains, fruits, and other food that care full of fiber and protein and other necessary nutrients will help you to shed weight and present cravings.

These fat burning foods are the natural weight loss foods or you can say weight loss friendly foods which help you to bid adieu to fat. If you are thinking to loose weight, summer is the perfect time .

In Summers  :-

You need refreshing , light and the most important those foods that keeps you out of the kitchen .  Let discuss them in length


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This is my favorite Aah! This  red juicy mouth watering fruit  accomodates 12 percent of water i.e. half of the watermelon comes from water. It is the great way to stop thirst, stay hydrated and cool in summer . It helps stomach not to crave for food. They are low in calories and rich in vitamin C which is beneficial for health .  Add this to your weight loss diet chart and give it a top number. But but but , try to avoid it at weight before going to bed as it sometimes bad to stomach .


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Remember the quote , An apple a day keeps the doctor away” . Its just not a quote , you actually don’t need any doctor if you eat apple on daily basis , it cure enormous  internal problems. In weight loss it contributed to fullness and reduced calorie intake. Apples contain non-digestable compounds that promotes the growth of good bacteria in you gut associated with weight loss.

Cayenne Pepper:-

Cayenne Pepper
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Cayenne pepper is a type of capsicum annuum. Capsicum, it is the active ingredient in the cayenne pepper, responsible for its medicinal properties  and spiciness . According to new study and health experts it can contribute in increasing metabolism reduces cravings , turns calories. You can make cayenne pepper tea to lift your mood and to promote weight loss.

Sweet Potatoes:-

Sweet Potato
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I know you might be thinking potatoes for weight loss? What? Sound weird. But yes, its true. High dietary fiber content present in sweet potatoes acts as fat reduction accelerators when goes into stomach forms a gel like mesh which keeps you full and present overeating.


weight loss
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It is actually a fruit with humongous beneficial nutrients.It is useful for you body.Since it decontaminates your living being empowers digestion and cleans the digestion tracts and stomach related tract. By adding cucumber in your weight loss friendly dishes help your calorie intake to shed pounds.They are very low in calories. If you eat even a large portion of cucumber , you would not still consume large calories , it is very low & energy density  food. You can serve them as salads & you can also make cucumber beverages.

Grilled Veggies :

weight loss
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This summer fill your plates with summer veggies which have less calories & promote health benefits. Vegetables like onion, bottle gourds, bringal, egg plant , zucchini, carrots, garlic. These all are good to shed fat.


In winters, you require food which help you to stay warm & healthy through cold day. Add seasonal fruits & veggies which contains package of protein & fibres assist you to shed fat. Protein food intake accelerates weight loss. Emerging science has shown that proteins may be able to satisfy hunger better than either fats or carbohydrates. Here are the best 6 weight loss foods which you need to get a grip on your diet during the low activities of kitchen.


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Green crunchy guava full of fibers fulfill your recommended consumption of protein of about 8%. It has only 60 calories in one serving making it the perfect slimming fruit. You can take Guava leaf’s tea for weight loss. It hinders the complex carbohydrates sugar for being able to be converted into fat. Just one cup of Guava tea make you full after finishing & helps to lessen cravings.


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Kiwi has only 0.4 gm of fat if you are about to eat cup of kiwi fruit. Go ahead. It would still less that 1 gm of fat. It’s high rich protein content & pack of vitamins C & K & fibers. It is high energy density  fruit & help you to keep full without a lot calories.


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According to new study, Green peas promote weight loss. They are the most favorable cooked food, vegetables in India. The best thing about it, it can be added into any dishes. It contains 5 .5 gm of proteins along with dietary fibers , vitamins & have less than 0.5 gm of fat.


fenugreek seeds
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Fenugreek seeds or methi seeds are used for generations in a variety of ways for their antibiotics use. It has proven to be very useful in boosting metabolism & prevents fat accumulation. It has high protein content which adds fullness to the stomach & thus reducing the intake of snacks. You can soak fenugreeks seeds in water overnight & take this magical syrup the next day.


weight loss
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I think it’s everybody favorite green leafy vegetables & is well known for facilitating weight loss & proves out healthy as well as it contains rich proteins, Vitamin A, C & k , magnesium, iron. It is low in calories.Including spinach to any type of dish, make it great track for weight loss. You can make spinach soup also. Now , hurry up add this vegetable in in your Weight loss diet chart.

So these are some foods which specialists & doctors  recommend the most.. But don’t stop here. Let’s add some weight loss detox drinks will work fast & can be designated as fat cutter drinks which helps you to provide Ideal body weight.These drinks will not only aid weight loss but also boost immune system & accelerates digestion. Let’s find them out.


weight loss Drinks
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Summer is the best time if you are thinking to cut down the stubborn obesity. But merciless heat suck entire heat to the bone. Following DIY weight loss drinks will not only help you to shed kilos but also keep you active, hydrated & foster energy and rejuvenates your body.

Here are 5 refreshing summer DIY drinks:

Lemon, Ginger & Mint Detox Drink :

Lemon, Ginger & Mint Detox Drink
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These magical three ingredients are rich hydrated. Cucumber with energy booster lemon & ginger & highly revitalizing infuse water works as a refreshing & healthy detox water , your perfect summer thirst quencher.

Mint leaves adding to it acts like cherry to a cake will left you cool and increase its taste.

Detox water or infuse water is something more than normal water. It is the super way to get soaked  all the nutrients of all the ingredients present in it.

All of these promote weight loss. So, go for it blindly.

Indian Gooseberry or  Amla Juice :

amla Juice
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Amla is associated with its medical properties used for numerous health problems, hair benefits. It’s high rich in vitamin C, iron & calcium & upkeep your immune system & accelerates metabolism. Accelerated metabolism aids weight loss.

Little suggestion: Drink amla juice on an Empty stomach to get the result effectively.


Watermelon Juice :

watermelon juice
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As you know, water melon is known for it’s macro-nutrients content & low calories fruit. A diced cup of watermelon have just 46 calories . If you are going to make juice of it ,go ahead. But it make sure, when you are going to extract juice from it using blender, add little amount of water or ice in it. Sometimes extracting juice will remove its filling fibers . Add water to make it balance and try to avoid much sugar or honey.

Carrot Juice:

Weight Loss carrot juice
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It is one of the fittest or effective juice for fat burn as it contains high fiber and fills stomach. It is low in calories. By juicing carrots, you make it nutrient dense then raw carrots and still it will have less fat which rich in vitamins and minerals. Carrot juice contribute a good result in weight loss program.

The Berry Lemon and Apple Cider Vinegar Juice:

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It is a super healthy drink for detoxification, weight loss and promoting energy to the body. These drinks is a bundle of health solutions like- It maintains low sugar level , improves immune system , detox your body and of course shed weight. Sound cool! Right .

Berries are responsible for overall improvement of health , provide you perfect health and prevent many diseases.

Lemon curbs hunger and low in sugar, prevents stone, cancer, obesity, asthma.

Apple cider vinegar  regulates the pH in your body detoxifies and cut extra kilos , relieves cramp, prevents indigestion . Their benefits extracted in our drink is the way to your gym . So prepare your drink and enjoy it with ice .


Well, in many cases warm winter drinks are double the calories of soft drinks. But here drinking the following drinks will save you from thousand calories over the winter.

Here are the Top 5 Drinks That Reduces Your Stress Of Being Over Weight

Beetroot Juice:

Weight Loss beetroot
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According to new research , the health benefits of beetroot leads to overall exercise programme and drop body fat. It is power house vegetable mitrate present in it as a magic element in it . It has less calories,one cup of beetroot contains only 45 calories. Thus, purely safe if you are going to prepare it for yourself . It is also good for pregnant ladies as it contains folic acid and promote the growth of the baby inside the embryo, and you can add,salt cinnamon powder to it to enhance its taste.


Low Calorie Ginger Tea:-

Weight Loss ginger tea
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Ginger , it is natural weight reducing element prescribed by Ayurveda and Chinese medicine . Its active phenolic compound, Ginger helps to drop weight . It stimulate gastric enzyme to flush out the toxins and support proper digestion , which supports weight loss.

Cumin or Jeera Tea:-

Weight Loss cumin tea
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One of the hottest and trending weight loss method is Cumin water, Jeera (cumin) is famous for its colossal health benefits other than weight loss , it accelerates digestion process, keeps to stay hydrated , treat anemia ,etc . Cumin seeds boosts your metabolism and make you feel active all day long.

Suggestion:- Use clean water for making drink and take it on empty stomach.

Green Tea :-

Weight Loss green tea
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There is a lot of buzz regarding green tea whether is a fat burner or not . Let me clear your doubts. Green tea is rich in anti-oxidants especially EGCG. The hormone send signals to the brain to break fat cells . Caffeine and EGCG is responsible for regulating metabolic rate . It burns about 3-4 percent of calories each day .

Little Tip :- Mix lemon and with green tea to increase its taste and benefits.

Fenugreek Drink :-

Weight Loss fenugreek drink
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As already we mention above its benefits , now you be aware of its power. Its anti-oxidant properties improve glucose, lipid metabolism , increases insulin ,this results in aiding weight loss.

Now this is also about weight loss diet. But this is not end my friends. Let’s move further on the most important segment of this write up. Just like exercising alone cannot work , similarly alone foods and drinks will take to bring out the results. So, start doing exercise, yoga You cannot skip exercise and you should not . Its very untrue if some only say without exercising you are reduce weight . Exercise should be there in your weight loss chart . If you are slim still  do workout . Its not only for heavy people . Every living being should do exercise . In case of weight loss, don’t expect if you don not want to do exercise and workout and there is no special workout for summers and winters.

So here we jot down Some Selected & most recommended exercises which will help you to drop calories in large number. I know its very taxing and difficult, but always remember hard things bring fantastic results:

Weight Loss Exercises
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Weight Loss squats
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Loose up-to 10 pounds in a month by doing regularly squats. It is one of the famous factor if you aim to lose weight. They are the strength training exercise. It raises your muscle mass which rapidly accelerate your metabolism. There are eight types of squats:

  •  Front or Goblet Squats
  •  Box Squats
  • Braced Squats
  •  Back Squats
  •  Sumo Squats
  •  Heel Elevated Squats
  •  Toes Out Squats
  •  Dumbbell squats

If you are doing these squats results are enviable. Make sure each day you must have at least 3-4 sets of 15 repetitions of the the squats. This is a reason why it is named as King of Exercise.


Weight Loss walking
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It is the easiest, low risk and accessible to most people. 30 minutes of walk can say Good bye to 150 calories. Yes,  its true. If you increase the intensity of your walk, the more calories you burn. It is also ideal for people who are fighting with diabetes and heart related problems.


Weight Loss burpees
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Burpees is a real full-body exercise responsible for scorching fat, improves cardiovascular fitness, body balance coordination. It burns up-to 5% more fat than moderate exercises and the best thing about burpees, they require no equipment and  it is accessible to people. You can do burpees anywhere. Add this exercise in your daily schedule,  feel the burn and see the building of lots of lean muscles.

Surya Namaskar:

Weight Loss yoga
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It is one of the ancient, wonderful and simple way of losing weight. This ancient yoga practice is the method to pay tribute to the sun. It is responsible for making body flexible and shedding fat. It is a sequence of well body postures. Learn every posture. Your 3 minutes and 40 seconds of Surya Namaskar leads to drop 13.91 calories. It may vary from person to person. If you are yoga beginner, start with 55 rounds of Surya Namaskar which burn calories up-to 44 calories. It is also known as Sun Salutation in English.


Weight Loss swimming
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Well, there are lots of myths regarding weight loss while swimming that it is not as effective as other exercises. But researchers have found that swimming is the best exercise for losing weight more in less time. Maximum people who swim always have slimmer waist,linear muscles, hips as compared to non-swimmers.

500 calories can be burn in just 1 hour if you are doing easy and relaxed swimming. It helps you to stay younger. According to data, a habitual swimmer’s nervous system, cholesterol level, cardiovascular system are young as compare to non-swimmers.

Jumping Rope:

Weight Loss jumping rope
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In our childhood, most of us used to do skipping because it is a fun activity. Skipping, it is not be wrong if you call it a fat cutter. It is a best  cardio workout which leads to a healthy heart. Rope for 30 minutes shed 40 calories, this is the power of skipping.

It is the zero cost workout, it improves heart rate and blood pressure & is excellent warm up exercise. It tones thighs as well as calf muscles and also do miracles for arms and abs.



Weight Loss yoga
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Yoga is getting popular all over the world for its enormous benefits. Start your journey of weight loss with yoga. We will suggest you some yoga for weight loss which are best and bring results fast:

  • Bhujangasana
  •  Matsyasana
  •  Chaturanga dandasana
  • Yogalates
  •  Aerial yoga

Take help of these yoga and bring results.

So these exercises hope satisfied your hunger regarding ways of weight loss.

Motivation for Weight Loss:

weight loss
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Well, there is a strong nexus between motivation & weight loss. Many people have this thing in their mind that if you are highly motivated only then, you can loose weight.

No doubt, motivation is the essential requirement behind achieving any goal. But you will never feel motivated for exercise if you are not actually building benefits from exercising or you can never be motivated to do the gym until you’ve been going to the gym constantly & see tye changes in yourself.

So what i want to convey is First you need to take actions only then you will be motivated & take further steps to reach your desired goal.


You need to find out reason why you want to loose weight, it may be any reason, whether you want to loose weight because you may be tired of gossips about you or you want to free yourself from health hazards. It could be any reason. Find that reason.

After then plan your work like how you are going yo do it.

Set small & attainable goals – short term goals. Like you want to reduce 2 kg in 10 days & when you’ll attainn these small goals, you’ll be motivated enough to do more. This will act like fuel to your actions after then you can achieve your last goal.

So we hope , now your concept regarding weight loss motivation may be clear now.

Here are few products which will help you lose weight too. Buy  them from our affiliate link provided below to  support us & avail your extra discount:

As I mentioned above, we’ve listed some popular weight loss supplements, reviewed by doctors & science.

They are 100% natural & herbal. Still for your satisfaction, you can consult with doctors or any expert.

But dare not to forget exercising, eating healthy & drinking. Little constant hustle will surely help you to attain desired goal. Plan your workout, diet & set small attainable goals.These short goals keep you motivated until the last desired goal is yours.

Hope my article proves helpful for you, if you followed it properly. Try this and when you start building results, come & share your experience in comment box.

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